What we do

Where we specialise

ZAUBER specialise in building new, re-platforming existing and optimising the operation of Access Control and Information Risk Management technologies. We can provide implementation and managed operational support services in these areas:

External and Consumer Access Management

Internal Identity and Access Management and Governance

High Risk Access Management and Governance

Implementation and Consultancy Services

ZAUBER will engage with business and technical teams to implement a new or re-platform and existing solution in any of the areas of core expertise we have.
Zauber offers implementation management and consultancy services for IT Security projects and programmes in Europe. We aim to fully understand the work required within a given initiative and own delivery to the satisfaction of our clients.
We use experienced resources to optimise efficiency within the confines of a delivery framework to enhance control. Our Implementation Management Services are distinguishable via:
  • Well informed, detailed planning
  • Close delivery management
  • Precision in execution
  • Control of customer requirements, dependencies and expectations
  • Transparent reporting
  • Robust design led delivery approach.
Delivery is managed via an online portal to track activity, dependencies, issues and progress vs plan.

Managed Operational Support

The specialist and multilayered nature of Identity Management can make supporting an internal Identity Management solution difficult due to the need to provide in depth technical support internally for an implementation.
The barriers to effective internal support are typically:
  • Labour Market demand for Access Control specialism vs mean internal pay levels.
  • Sporadic nature of support resource demand through different periods of Business Activity.
  • Breadth of technical expertise required across technologies and disciplines.
  • Lead time to develop business awareness and inner workings of a solution (typically 3-12 months) combined with internal resource transfers.
  • Failure to focus on planning and preparing for BAU preparations in delivery projects.

The Enhanced Support Service is designed to remove the need for customers to specialise in Identity Management, a given technology or underlying a solution and improve the service levels provided to their customers at a cost comparable to that of internally sourced support.
Different service levels can provide ownership of the End to End solution from Operating Model and Solution Design down through to the configuration of individual environmental components.
As required, functional changes to the solution to satisfy new requirements and address data issues or environmental changes are versioned, validated and packaged for release.
The service is delivered through an online portal which makes enables features to be requested, design and configuration information to be access and versioning and release details to be managed.

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