Identity and Access Management (IAM) can be a large and complex topic. With our experience we can simplify and reconcile your approach so that the processes involved are easily followed by users and totally automated where possible.


IAM platforms can be complex and involve a lot of manual management, but they do not need to be. Where possible we encourage automating processes to perform JML tasks, assign roles, and manage certification rounds.

JML Processes

Users may join, move, and leave your organisation in different ways. We can reconcile those process down into simple manual and automated workflows.

Access Certification

Through access assurance, users access is routinely certified as being appropriate for their job function. These certification rounds should always ask access to be certified by the relevant person, with knowledge of the users task and the access involved.

Role Building

Defining and evaluating existing roles can be a big, complex, and never ending task. Through analysis of users, their position in the organisation, and their assign entitlements, we can assist with building roles that are correct for your business.